What I bring to you

  • Over a decade of agency and individual marketing experience.
  • Impeccable and effective communication skills with and for all members of business hierarchy.
  • Top notch management and marketing skills.
  • Highly obsessive, incredibly creative passion and motivation to exceed.
  • Ability to bend tone to deliver message that meets clients’ needs while adhering to core brand.
  • Experience writing for sales, marketing, financial, health and tech sectors in a way that engages consumers and delivers clear calls to action, resulting in high conversion rates.


Extra perks

  • WordPress design, content management and personalization
  • Video/audio embedding skills
  • Basic graphic design/editing


Why you want me

  • I am a natural entrepreneur who excels in a team environment, but possesses professional discipline demonstrated through initiative, problem solving and independence.
  • I love the challenge that creative presents and thrive in changing, fluid environments.
  • I know that action makes an impact and sitting still creates stagnant minds and lives.
  • I believe the best reward in life is to help and empower others.
  • I know the value of collaboration and understand the meaning of compromise.